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 March 26, 2014.   0 Comment
graffiti terms that you should know...

All City: When a writer gets up in and out of their city. A writer or crew must have a tremendous amount of ups to be considered, "All City."

Back in the Day: If you don't know what "back in the day" means, you are mentally retarded. We refuse to post a definition. If you are still stupid you can go to they give all you morons a definition for that one.

Back Ground: Backgrounds originally came about with subways and walls. Backgrounds were painted to go over tags or just to make the piece stand out, to go over anything that may make the piece hard to discern, also backgrounds are used today to add to the piece and make it more appealing.

Back to Back: Wall, freights, that are pieced completly from one end to the other. Also, it refers to throw-ups being placed one after the other on a wall, freight, etc. (also known as End to End).

Battle : This takes place when two writers or two crews disagree on an issue.For example if 2 writers are writing the same name, a battle may take place to drop names. The winner of the battle will get to keep his/her name. The loser is expected to get a new name. A battle can be in the form of one writers/crews skill against another writers/crews skill or which writer/crew can get "up" more than the other. The judging is always done by an outside crew, or writer. Battles always have a time limit that the writers/crews agree to prior to starting the battle. Losing payment can come in the form of dropping names, dropping crew names, paint, etc, etc.. Whatever they agree on basically.

Bite: This means when you toys out there come to our site and open a flick you think is pretty fucking dope, you then grab your pen and pad and start copying what you see. This is called BITING off another artists/writers original work. This is also known as Jocking, or my personal favorite "Dick Riding." Those who Bite are considered to be a toy, if your a toy and do not know what TOY means please see "toy" in the glossary for a full explanation.

Blockbuster: Huge Block Lettering of a writers name or their crews name, usually consisting of two colors, ussually done to go over tags, or other writers and crews works, used a lot just to get recognized, you know to look like your big time! Mainly invented to cover whole trains easily. Blockbusters are ussually done using a paint roller and a lot of paint, another purpose is to make it so huge that it can be seen from a long distance. "special" toy tip: Buy a paint roller, go to home depot and buy the huge paint buckets of the colors they fucked up on when mixing. It is a lot cheaper and you can have a lot more blockbusters floating around that way!

Bomb/Bombing: ussually consisting of 2 colors, or 1 color if refering to a "throwie" (toys,see throwie.) Bombing is ussually done with original style bubble type lettering that is filled in and then outlined, with another color of paint and maybe adding a drop shadow. Many forms of bombing. But filling in your bomb makes you .001 less of a toy! So, go out and fill in those throwies! For a visual.

Bubble Letters: Originated from "back in the day", old skool graffiti lettering. Seen mostly in bombing and throw ups because of the rounded shape of the lettering, making it easier to form and faster to put up and be gone!

Buff/Buffing/Buffed: To buff means to paint over any form of graffiti, ussually done by the cities anti graffiti enforcment, or members of community service, or the owners of the private property. Buffing, is the process of taking a paint roller or any other type of tool to go over graffiti and no longer make it visible for the time being .(haha) Buffed- meaning graffiti has been already buffed gone over whatever, we think you get the point.

Burn: Refers to a well done piece, or to beat ("burn") the competition.

Burner: Originally a well-done wildstyle window-down whole car, a burner is a very good piece. Obviously, the reference to a window-down car is not applicable for pieces that are not on trains. Nowadays, burners are associated with a wildstyle piece, nearly impossible to read, its not burning if you can read it!


Cap, Fat or Skinny (tips) : Interchangable spray-can nozzles fitted to the can to vary the width of spray. These are usually racked off of commercial products, such as K-Mart's Bug and Tar, various cleaning products or starches. Many stores and graffiti fanzines sell caps nowadays. Also referred to as "tips" (as in "flare tips" and "thin tips".) The really big fat caps are sometimes called "softballs" because of the wide and soft-looking spray they produce. Tips are sometimes referred to by a certain number of fingers, corresponding to the width of the spray (for example, a "four-finger spray" would be about as wide as your hand. The number on the front of a tip is the catalog number for that model.

Character: Cartoon figure (usually, but not necessarily) taken from comic books, TV or popular culture to add humor or emphasis to a piece. In some pieces, the character takes the place of a letter in the word. See Characters.

Cloud: Stylistic form applied to pieces. Used mainly back in the days. Also a form of background design. See background in the glossary for more information.

Crazy: a word everyone uses! Has nothing to do with graffiti and should not be in a graffiti glossary, for the definition of "crazy" according to Crazy morons, please see the artcrimes graffiti glossary!!

Crew: A group of tightly nitched folks with a plan to DESTROY THE UNIVERSE, ok ok just kidding, more like destroy every location they come across, (applying to hardcore crews only). Crew names are initialed and added to pieces, bombs, whatever of a member of the crew. Usually consisting of 2 to 4 ..less or more letters when initialed. And words when not. The letters can stand for many different crew type slogans! Members of a crew ussually paint together. The crew name is also sometimes put up large, as in blockbuster form or bombs,throw ups, tags, to give the crew name, and writers recognition.

CTA: Chicago Transit Authority

Cutting Tips: A way of modifying caps, to spray fatter, or to make flare tips. Oh, and no we will not place directions on how. Creating this glossary is already boring the fuck out of us. :-)

Cutting Lines: A painting technique used on inside fills of letters and characters to get thin lines, thinner than thin tips.

Dis: You are a fucking toy, dick riding mother fucker.. Oh shit.. you just got "dissed" and learned the definition at the same time!!! what does have to say about that definition!!!

Def : how old skool writers,hip hop dudes used to say dope,sick,sweet,ill, etc...etc.. Some one will probably look at you with big eyes if you say it today.. Unless your 62 years old.

Ding Dong: A flat subway car easy to buff, since it was um FLAT. Not many painted Ding Dongs, because of the easy buffing.

Dope: Originally a rap/hip-hop term that means "cool". is DOPE! Damn you once again got the definition out of an example.. Can only get that off cause were so fresh and so clean.. or something like that.

Down: To be in with, part of the group, crew, or action (as in "your down with us"). Kinda means, your cool with us, you can't say it if we don't agree though. Down is also when your standing up and you look um down? Is it just me? or are these definitions getting more confusing as we go along?

Drips: Stylized drips drawn onto letters to add effect. Although inept paint application causing unintentional drips is considered the mark of a toy and is wack, stylized drips drawn on letters are acceptable. This style originated early on in New York subway graffiti. Don't worry Susan, your getting credit on some of these boring ones, is mad lazy. If you do not know what "mad" means on this glossary.l ook it up on this glosarry, if we even added it.

Fade: To blend colors.. Fade them into eachother..haha uh to fade the colors.. haha oh shit I crack me up!

Fame: What a writer gets when they are constantly and consistently getting up. This is not every writers goal, but most writers are out for fame. They wanna be known, they wanna be on ABC news, they wanna be on fucking CNN like oosama bin laden! They want FAME! ... is fucking famous.

[SreK Zypher]

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