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 April 26, 2014.   0 Comment
Art is considered as the free form of expression. As we continuously develop artistic skills, art also comes along with them together with alphabets and illustrations. Now, graffiti is considered as the most popular art among the streets of each city in every part of the world. Artists have come up with the idea of expressing beautiful and artistic letterings in the walls with paint. So let’s talk about some famous graffiti artists and their art.

1- Banksy


Although some may not consider him as a graffiti artist, Banksy is a talented film director, painter and activist aside from being an artist. He is known internationally for his street art and epigrams that are made with unique combinations of dark humor with graffiti style. His art also shows some political and social messages in various streets in cities around the world. He remains anonymous to the public but some have speculations and are constantly researching about the identity of the artist.

2- Keith Haring

Keith Haring

Photo Credit: Jack Mitchel

Haring was known for his symbol of “the radiant baby”. He is an artist and an activist as well. That is probably the reason why his art is incorporated with powerful messages of unity and peace through his figures and colorful lines. He began illustrating his significant style of drawings in the late 1980s. Before he moved to New York and became inspired in graffiti, he first studied commercial art in Pittsburgh. As his art is appreciated, he participated in several exhibits before passing away in 1990.

3- Zephyr


Andrew picked his label Zephyr and began being a graffiti artist in 1975. He is known for his colorful and awesome spray paints all over New York City in subways and random walls. He is one of the pioneers in graffiti art and his style is considered as one of the standard graffiti designs.

4- Dr. Revolt

Dr. Revolt

A classic graffiti artist of 1977, he is one of the pioneer members of The Rolling Thunder Writers, a graffiti crew. His style in graffiti art is colorful and semi hip-hop that gave him contributions in several designing stuff like t-shirts and album covers.

5- Inkie


Based in London, this street artist is one of the most famous UK artists in 80’s. Won championships in graffiti competitions and collaborated with fellow famous artist like Banksy. He even got arrested as leader in a huge graffiti bust in London together with other 72 writers. Working hand in hand with famous companies in the industry of video gaming, he now also teaches young aspiring graphic students.



With graffiti as part of his life, Donald White became one of the most graffiti artists that are influential in the art movement. He formed his own crew in 1978 as Crazy Inside Artists and influenced a lot of aspiring artist until now.

7- Sever


Creator of the famous mural “Death of Street Art”, this graffiti artist came from Los Angeles.  He is widely recognized around the world as one of the most notorious street artists along with Banksy. His fluid and distinct graffiti style is considered awesome even to many experienced writers. He is an inspiration when it comes to unique, colorful and strict designs in graffiti.

8- Quik


Known for his comical style in graffiti art, this African-American artist invaded subway walls with his bold graffiti masterpieces. His distinguished design and illustrations made his name and art famous in several museums and exhibitions.

9- Lady Pink

Lady Pink

This femme fatale artist have been tagging NYC’s walls since 1979 when she is stricken by grief as her boyfriend has been arrested. She began scribbling his name all over the city which started her passion for graffiti art.

10- Ewok


Prominent in the world of graffiti, he has been interested in art since he was 3 years old but became serious in doing graffiti in 1991 when the movement slowly started building up. His own style and technique in graffiti is influenced by his time and he is continuously scribbling his fame until now.


[SreK Zypher]

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