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 December 4, 2013.   0 Comment
Justin Bieber isn’t just a teen pop-star, he’s also a burgeoning street artist/hooligan. The 19-year-old multi-millionaire kicked off his Australian tour this week by vandalising a 5 star hotel on the Gold Coast. Melbourne based graffiti artist Lush explains what Biebs is doing wrong. (Spoiler alert: It’s everything.)

 Sometimes talent doesn’t just restrict itself to one form, sometimes an individual can have multiple talents, but unfortunately for Justin this is not the case.

The whole Justin Bieber “doing graffiti” is an obvious P.R ploy designed to keep him looking badass in the eyes of his fans. His attempt at graffiti is like any graffiti that someone with no real artistic chops or guidance would do. The difference between say your average first time sprayer and Justin is that a first timer doesn’t have multiple cops watching out for them while they spray up some trash, or say a 5 star hotel letting them get buck in the tennis court guilt free.

He needs to do a little bit more research – anyone who just decides to start spray-painting frogs and blatantly racist gorillas with bling bling obliviously doesn’t own a copy of Subway Art. Another thing, if you are trying to be some graffiti bad ass its best not to do your first masterpiece saying ‘STREET ART’, it will enrage anyone with a fingernail’s knowledge about graffiti.

I’m surprised Ironlak or MTN94 hasn’t sent the poor bastard a care package with some decent spray paint. From the photos I have seen so far hes been using some piss poor spray cans from the local Mitre10 store. He probably has sent his P.A. out to get his paint. I even saw a can of Dulux sky blue in the photos from the Queensland 5 star hotel episode. Bad spray paint is part of why his “graffiti art” is rubbish; a few cans of half decent spray would help hide how bad his paintings are.

Now as for what he actually painted in my country, my home, my sacred ground and origin of birth: If he painted any of this in my city he would be shanked up and told to stay off walls until he had taken off his graffiti training wheels. It’s just mind numbing scribbles like I would have drawn in my school books while I wasn’t listening to the important shit my teacher would be saying. I still can’t do my times tables because of it, or spell very well. However, I think he was on to something with the magenta huge teeth mutant thing; it’s almost like what thesweettoof paints everyday.

Lush is a notorious Melbourne graffiti artist. Follow him on TwitterFacebookVimeo andInstagram.

Check out some of Justin Bieber’s work:



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