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 January 17, 2014.   0 Comment
WOrked in : INDO GERMAN HIP HOP PROJECT (event) 2011... EUROPE DAY ART PROJECT (event)2011.... LIVE FROM THE CONSOLE(hip hop concert) (live graffiti on canvas) 2011.... Juice Adventures(painted the skate board arena) 2011.... Mumbai wallbook(event)2012.... INDIA FILM FESTIVAL (Stuttgart,Germany)2012.... WALL OF FAME (STUTTGART,GERMANY) 2012.... URBAN SYNDROME (graffiti jam)(Dresden,Germany) 2012.... Judging 'Cascade' (painting event)(Jamnabai Narsee school) 2012.... Judging 'Street Painting' event at Malhar college fest (St.Xaviers college) 2012.... UK BBOY CHAMPIONSHIP (live graffiti) ZOMBA .... FIRST EVER GRAFFITI JAM IN MUMBAI (included 12 writers) .... painted canvas in RAGASTHAN (music festival in rajasthan).... painted at HP press conference delhi (launch of hp Envy).... 2013 Live GRaffiti at FIAT PUNTO SPORT launch conference.... Graffiti workshop at kaleidoscope Sophia college.... Judgin' graffiti competition at kaleidoscope Sophia college.... Graffiti workshop at The barking deer brewpub .... Painted for Nh7 Weekender 2013 Canvas for Adidas Originals Collision ... Graffiti for Vh1 Reebok commercial .... Judgin' IIT BOMBAY TECHFEST graffiti competition.. Graffiti for IIT BOMBAY Mood INDIGO 2013

 GS.What do you write and why do you write that name?


I write ‘ZAKE’ but didn’t really start writing with that name … I wrote something else before and i still tag with that name a lot but can’t disclose it. There’s no specific reason why i write zake ..the only thing i like about my name is the kind of letters i’m getting to play with. The ‘Z’ in the beginning is just amazing’s the letter i always wanted to start my name with..the other 3 letters are also my favourite .. a lot of times i replace the ‘K’ with a character’s always fun to include characters in your pieces.. that’s how you learn new techniques and keep improving.. Well the A is just like a joining letter to the k and Z ..but it’s also an awesome letter to pull and stretch in a way that it balances the whole thing… The E is the best letter to end your piece man.. the lower part of the letter E is just so good kick it off. whether it’s capital or small !



GS. How and why did you get into street art? When was it?



 I always think there’s a huge difference between graffiti and street art.. street art is something what banksy does.. Painting with a theme or a thought and incorporating it with the surrounding is street art..

Graffiti is WRITING on the walls..Writing your name everywhere .. I got into graffiti when there was actually no one in the city who was painting often …someone who i can see painting and learn how it’s done..So i Always tried to learn graffiti through movies and the internet.. street files connected me to a lot of writers but the unavailability of good spray cans was stopping us from painting often… Fortunately, once when i was painting for a project in a resort with my crew mate SunOne and Cres away from my house ,my friend saw a few people painting graffiti in my area where i stay… It was difficult for me to arrive in time but i quickly left the place to see whose painting.. Speaking to the writers i found it was ZEBSTER AND WOK from germany .. they gave me a few cans(montana gold) to practise and learn ..that’s when i actually started painting Graffiti in the real way ..



GS. How would you describe your style?


my style is organic .. i try to put shapes and forms that i see everyday manipulating them artistically and making them look good.. you wouldn’t actually know that when you see my piece.. but i really know what i paint !!!! it’s not something random ..TRUST ME ! Haha , anyways, my letters are always simple and readable ..Kids around me actually read them aloud and ask what ZaKE means.. so now it’s clear that people know what i write…Talking about my style again , you will definitely see a lot of variation in my pieces.. every piece has a fucking story .. even if you don’t know it Lol ! Currently i’m working on incorporating DEVNAGRI font in Graffiti style .. the font is full of curves and symbols i can play with ..I had a very simple style when i started.. i was a TOY too.. Now i don’t really think if i need a second outline or a 3d in my piece.i'm probably influenced by the new school techniques and great colour combinations the spray can companies have to offer .




GS. How did you develop such good technical painting and drawing skills?

Drawing and painting is what i’ve always been doing since i was 5 .Later i got into an art school where i learnt a lot of new techniques importantly ‘TYPOGRAPHY’.. it’s the most important thing you can learn or know in graffiti.. manipulating the words ,giving them a good flow without loosing the character of the letter is what i’ve learnt.. Apart from that ‘Drawing from life’ is and will always be my favourite subject in class. I don’t really paint a lot of characters though .. but my sketchbook is full of weird characters and unusual faces.Eg. A FAT MARIO ! Lol


GS. What crew(s) are you in? When and how was it formed?

 I’m currently in 3 crews … D.I.S crew from mumbai … This is my first crew was formed in 2012 after some skilful writers in mumbai got along to form a crew. Probably the first graffiti crew in mumbai.The other two crews i rep are BEAST MODE(Mumbai) and ELEGANTS crew(Brazil)…Beast Mode was formed in 2013 and it’s not only a graffiti crew but it’s a crew including all the elements of hip hop ..Elegants crew (i don’t know when it was formed) but i’m reppin it since 2013.. and it’s a graffiti crew from brazil ..Right now my main focus is representing myself in the scene with my city crew D.I.S cuz i’ve been painting very often with them lately .


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