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 January 24, 2016.   1 Comment
Thetan is a talented graffiti artist from Italy, through his works we can tell his style is freaking cool and fresh. Take a look at his interview and find out how he created them. Tell us which picture u most like in his interview by comment bellow.

GS: What is your tag name and why did you choose it?

Thetan: My tag is Thetan.I choose it because I liked the combination of letters and the meaning of the word "thetan"which literally means:spirit.
GS: How and why did you get into street art(graffiti)?
Thetan: I started back in 1997 together with 2 friends of mine.first because we were just bored teenagers,looking for something different to do besides the usual stuff or maybe just for the game but before I knew it I became a so called "writer"!
GS: How would you describe your style?
Thetan: My style goes back to the classic wild style combined with innovation and personal elements which I have elaborated during the past years.
GS: Where did you begin making art in the streets and how old were you?
Thetan: I did my first works in my hometown,Marcon (next to Venice) here in Italy.I was 17 and and behind an old church ,on a wall of bricks ,that is where I spend most of my afternoons practicing with my spray cans.
GS: What crew(s) are you in?
Thetan: I'm not part of a crew! I sometimes tag PMA on some of my works which stands for"positive mental attitude"but it is not the name of a crew it's just a personal motto!
GS: How did you develop such good technical painting and drawing skills? 
Thetan: During these past 3 years I spend most of my time making sketches and lots of drawings on walls.I don't believe in talent I think it's all about practicing,passion and good will.I believe that everyone has a great potential inside of them to become amazing artists but some go for it and others don't.
GS: what the most difficult thing in graffiti do you think? 
Thetan: The most difficult thing in graffiti is finding your own style, take it to perfection and finding the right balance.
GS: What are some of the writers who have inspired you?
Thetan: The list of all the writers who have inspired me is very long.the main ones are:cantwo,bates,asend,slider,kems.
GS: How do you pick your locations ?
Thetan: I usually paint in legally approved places.
GS: What tools do you use ? Only spray paint?
Thetan: I only use spray cans!
GS: Do you pre plan your murals, or make it up as you go along?
Thetan: I make a lot of sketches back home and then when I find myself in front of the wall everything is already in my head!
GS: Would you like to share some tips and tricks? 
Thetan: My only trick is to never leave a bad work behind.if I see something wrong while I paint , I will do anything to start all over again until I achieve what I consider a decent work of art.
GS: Any unforgettable story that you would like to share with us? 
Thetan: All of my life is an incredible absurd!if you want to I can tell you all about it...or maybe not!!
GS: Have you collaborated with any artists recently? Who and what work has come out of it?
Thetan: I worked with copsa in Magdeburg (Germany). We painted an amazing wall with with our 2 wild and a puppet from central alien.
GS: Any message to other artists?
Thetan: My thought goes out to all the artists ,just like me ,who invest their time and energies into their dreams and passions!
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djSouray - 24/01/2016 at 09:26
 really love his works :cursed:
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