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 May 29, 2014.   4 Comments
Born and raised in Chicago, grew up to underground music and culture, Opik have been drawing since was little, but his graffiti works very strange and different from other artists. He is one of the pioneers who create graffiti sculptures from Styrofoam with various styles and shapes. Now take a deep breath and enjoy the creative artworks. Which one is your favourite? let us know by commenting below.


GS: What is your tag name and why did you choose it?

I write Opik one and in the beginning I liked the word Optic but the word was 5 letters I wanted a 4 letter name so I

dropped the letter T and my boy Anger said I should change the C to a K and the rest was history.!! 

GS: How and why did you get into street art(graffiti)?

I got into Graffiti when I was 13 and my Aunt would have sketches on her wall I thought that was cool so I wanted to learn more abd she told me about putting styles in letters and form but it wasn't til 1989 that I learned from "SubWay Art and Spray Can Art" that i learned more .

GS: How would you describe your style?

My style is oldschool meets modern but always challenging myself

when it comes to the meaning of styles, always pushing my skills.

GS: Where did you begin making art with styrofoam and how old were you?

I started in 2010 just cutting around the piece but later I started cutting out the whole piece and it came to me by accident when i was cutting out a piece and I ended up cutting the piece in parts and I thought "Wow!" I knew I would take this more farther than the way I was doing this.

GS: What crew(s) are you in?

I am in a crew called"CMK" which stands for Criminal Minded Kings.We started in 1990 and we havn't stopped since.  

GS: Can you tell us the steps to make graffiti from styrofoam?

I would start off by doing a sketch and then from there I would get my axacto knife and cut the whole piece out like a puzzle.Next I would push the pieces out to give it that 3d look and glue them all together.The procces can be long but well worth it.!!   

GS: what is the most difficult step in processing? 

I think the most dificult step is when I get to sharp edges,or when the curve is to small to cut.things like that makes me learn more about the tools I use to cut them out in order to perfect them .It is something new I'm creating so I'm still learning and perfecting my skill. 

GS: What are some of the writers who have inspired you?

The writers that inspire me are Ces,Per of Fx Crew,Bio of Tats Crew, Mode Two of TCA,Daim,and Delta of Inc.

GS: What tools do you use ? Only spray paint?

I use all types of tools from my canvas art with paint brushes and markers, to my styrograff with cutting tools and for street art the spray paint .

GS: Do you pre plan your murals, or make it up as you go along?

I do both depending on how big the wall is ,to how many people will paint .I am good at both

GS: Would you like to share some tips and tricks? 

If any one tries to do the styrograff know your prespective of your piece so when you cut it out you know where the pieces go in or out.

GS: Any unforgettable story that you would like to share with us? 

This was in the early 90's me and my crew were on a bilboard and the police waited for us and we knew we were in trouble so we decided to finish first then go down but when we finished we saw they were gone and at first we thought this is a trap but we came down and they were not there ,That was cool !! 

GS: Have you collaborated with any artists recently? Who and what work has come out of it?

I have collaborated with alot of artist to do sketches for me for my Styrograff and the most recent is my boy Goya he is a graff legend grom the 90's. People are starting to see my work and now are asking me to do thier names and stores ,Im starting to make money from this art and that is a good thing !!!

GS: Any message to other artists?

I wanna give a shout out to my crew CMK ,Anger,Disem,Phor, and the rest of my klan,also to all artist pushing their skills never stop always keep progressing.

Please visit his profile for more artworks Opik


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tizoc4u - 10/01/2015 at 06:19
 I knew of a crew CMK. The acronyms are very versatile n can mean múltiples things. Cee m y knife. Controlling my krylon. Cities most known. Just to name a few. This crew From Inland Empire
skey.marion - 30/05/2014 at 14:11
 COOL STYLE :pimp:
djSouray - 29/05/2014 at 16:52
 yes, one of my favourite artists:punched:.......
create ur name in 3d graffiti for free here
ghostwriters - 29/05/2014 at 16:50
 wow, never seen something like this b4, amazing skills :cursed: