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 February 22, 2015.   2 Comments
We are very lucky to have a chance for interviewing MUPETSMD, an amazing graffiti artist from Sydney. he as a unique style with cool colors mixing skill. Here is the full interview.
GS: What is your tag name and why did you choose it?
MUPETS: I write "MUPETS", I started writing MUPETS when i was 18 at a party and someone called me a MUPET and i thought to myself if I'm a MUPET then i'll make make that my graft alias. 
GS: How and why did you get into street art(graffiti)?
MUPET: I have watched people all through my life create graffiti and has always interested me. One day a mate said come out for a paint, i decided to go with him. Ever since that day i found the passion to which this day i still practice.
GS: How would you describe your style?
MUPET: My style has developed over the years through myself, haven't taken anything from anyones style it was something through the years i slowly developed into and still to this day I'm continuing to improve my style. I would describe my style as a clean, sharp, public style and focus a lot on creating unique fills that haven't been seen before.
GS: Where did you begin making art in the streets and how old were you?
MUPET: My first paint was with a mate in Balmain at the age of 18.
GS: What crew(s) are you in?
MUPET: I was dropped into the crew "MD" (MUPH DIVERS) from a close painting homie and have been reaping the crew ever since.
GS: How did you develop such good technical painting and drawing skills? 
MUPET: I've always and a passion for art and through the years I've always been trying to master my skills. i would say that practice, practice and practice is the way i have developed my skill over the years, also with every piece i create i am never 100 percent happy with my final creation, which i find is a good thing as i t allows me to always strive to become better rather than be happy with the level I'm at.
GS: what the most difficult thing in graffiti do you think? 
MUPET: Trying to create something that has not been done before and is very unique, i strive to create and work on fills and style that has not been seen before, and choosing the right colour combinations to make the piece pop and flow.
GS: What are some of the writers who have inspired you?
MUPET: writers that have inspired me along the way. "YIPES", "MADC", "MR BASIX", "COPE2", "JASY",
GS: How do you pick your locations ?
MUPET: I choose spots these days that are more chilled so i can focus on my form and fill, i paint with a close mate and he owns a few walls throughout Sydney which makes for a chilled focused paint.
GS: What tools do you use ? Only spray paint?
MUPET: I use spray paint, markers, paint, watercolours, paint markers
GS: Do you pre plan your murals, or make it up as you go along?
MUPET: I usually freestyle but occasionally use a sketch for the piece and freestyle with colour and characters
GS: Would you like to share some tips and tricks? 
MUPET: if theres one bit of advice i could give out it would be take your time with your work make your lines as clean as possible and don't just be happy with your first idea, take that idea and think of ways you could improve it and add more to it. 
GS: Any unforgettable story that you would like to share with us? 
MUPET: Meeting one of my inspirations "YIPES" in real life, i messaged him to ask if i could watch him paint one day which he allowed and from that day i have become good mates with him and get to paint with him regularly now
GS: Have you collaborated with any artists recently? Who and what work has come out of it?
MUPETS: I have been doing a lot of collabs with "YIPES" and through that i have painted with "JASY" and many other know graff heads. I love meeting other writers and seeing techniques and styles different to my own.  
GS: Any message to other artists?
MUPET: If you love what you do you will master it, time is the critical factor in which you will progress. Never stop writing and you will see improvement, it may not be instant but over "time" you will see progression. TRY NEW THINGS experiment with ideas.
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 very good color mixing skill:pimp:
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