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 October 27, 2014.   0 Comment
Kity is one of the most active artists that i have seen. Easily recognized by her special characters. Check out her amazing interview to know more about her...leave a comment. let us know what you think :)

GS: What is your tag name and why did you choose it?

KITY: My tag name id Kity. When I was younger every other week I had a new tag name. I always picked names that sounded cool, and tough and on the contrary was far from the truth. There was no identity to the names iv picked. One day I was reading a book to learn to spray and the author said that i should pick a name and give some meaning behind it. And boom! Kity was born. It actually came from my middle name which is Kathryn. The tag tag name is from a real name. It is apart of me!! It stands for kick ass, intelligent, talented and youthful. I think theses are the best words to describe me. Theses are words of confidence not cockiness. Another name I incorporate into me work is LITA. It stands for Love is the Answer. Have to keep the love and good vibes!


GS: How and why did you get into street art?

KITY: I had an idea of what street art was growing up but not the way i know it now. Growing up in my little corn filed town, street art was virtually non existent. Un heard of really. I remember one day i was leaving school, I was I 8th grade. I was going throw this wanna be punk phase and I thought that if i became a skater that would happen. This kid named Kevin skated and he let me borrow and skate mag that he would buy. I figured if i read a skate mag I was a skater. But as I turned the pages i saw something that captivated me. Something that was so bright and vibrant. A whole other word that i didn't know about. I was on walls, the half pipe that was being skated on, even on the bottom of the skate boards themselves. It was graffiti and it was the most beautiful work of art that I ever laid my eyes on! I wanted to be a writer more then anything in the world and still strive to make that dream come true. I got into it because of its true freedom. The colors and shapes. All the different characters and messages. It was rebellious and mysterious so why not right!? So from that point I would sit and practice the different shapes that I saw. I would copy them down and color them all day long till i started to come up with my own ideas. I can still see some of my first graff work. HA! It was bad! But it never stopped me from moving on. Practice makes...for better work. Theres no such thing as perfect.

GS: How would you describe your style?

KITY: I have no idea really. I don't know if i have a style. If characters are a style then maybe that. At this point in time i think Im style finding out my style. I do honestly love doing throw ups with characters. Instead of a simple throw i like to really make the inside decorative. I love colors so essentially my work is very bright and vibrant but I mean, who's graffiti either on walls or in a book is not!! I know that I will continue to work on my pieces in my black book and on stickers i trade with people till something sticks or maybe I will continue to change.


GS: Where did you begin making art in the streets and how old were you?

KITY: The first time I drew on something that wasn't paper with my freshman year, about 15 years old, when i moved to Chicago. It started out in the bathroom stales at school.Then to any public bathroom. Even if i didn't have to use the bathroom, I had an itch to go and draw! I use to write on my desks and in my text books. I eventually graduated to street signs, bus ad train windows, park benches, garbage cans and dumpsters. Some walls here and there but nothing to crazy...yet.


GS: What crew(s) are you in?

KITY: I'v never been in a crew. I honestly don't have any artist friends in any genre. Everyone is the cyber world. Its something that I'v wanted.To be apart of a group of friends. I think crews are great!! You get to learn and teach others what you'v discovered. To plan projects and just stay inspired!


GS: How did you develop such a good technical painting and drawing skills?

KITY: It all started with my mom when I was a little girl. She used to get me videos on how to draw as well as books. And I guess it took off from there. It seems like after I while everything inspired me. Pictures, music, different shapes of things that you find a nature. Everything! I was always fascinated with colors. I used to get books on color to see which ones went best with each other and which ones didn't. Fashion magazines were always best for that. I Peanc pretty well with acrylic brush. Very good at blending in mixing colors. A lot of practice. As far as repeat, that's a new category for me these days. I'm still learning and I'm really enjoying it too! But back to drawing. Practice. Practice. Practice. That's how anyone gets better at anything is with practice. And a little bit of patience. I won't lie, I've thrown some black books around out of sheer frustration. Ripped up papers of flush them down the toilet because of that angry just didn't want to see it. But eventually started over and went back to where I left off. Practice and patience. Also staying inspired helps. Looking at pictures reading books and your favorite artist always helps to keep your head on straight. And always keep a sketchpad and a pencil with you that's what I do I think is everywhere with me. When I'm not busy at work, I draw. When I'm in the car and I'm bored,I draw. Before bed, I draw. It sounds excessive but practice makes perfect...Well not perfect but you know what I mean.

GS: What is the most difficult thing in graffiti do you think?

KITY: Being original. Graffiti is been around since the late 60s. That's 21 years before my time, and I didn't discover it for another 15 years. So I would say a lot has been done. Doesn't stop me from doing it though. And it doesn't stop me from enjoying other peoples work even if somethings are similar. Another thing that I find difficult is it sometimes goes unappreciated. You see some beautiful work and just people think that it's a bunch of lowlife, scum bag, thugs that do it, but in reality it's the most brilliant and most talented people.The just want to say hi and get their message and the point across for the world to see. Also putting it up without getting caught. I read some of these news articles about people. They get caught and I feel like the punishment does not match the action whatsoever. It's a shame. I've also read and watch documentaries were people have died doing what they love because someone was angry that they were just putting a piece up. It's sad and a hard pill to swallow that it happens. Sorry to get dark there, but it's reality.


GS: Who are some of the writers who have inspired you?

KITY: Oh boy! Ill try and keep the list short here. JR, CLAW(love that her tag is actually a symbol of her name...Brilliant!) The GC Four, DCA, Julien (vibrant use of colors) TT Freak, Barbara, GIMERDER ( i stalk his instagram like crazy! Absolutely love his work!!) Zebster. (This is the first artist that I discovered that was not American. When I was younger I thought graffiti was only in the US my mind exploded when I found out that it was worldwide!) Asstro, Buff monster, COPE 2, Priscio (his mother also inspired him too) Siloette, Lokiss,DAZE, Tony" Sub" Curanaj (Love the classical paintings with modern-day art. Genius!) MISS VAN, Rasty, Cabin Fever Crew, Great and Bates (talk about teamwork with these two) Stormie, Kid Acne, Dalek, Le Club 70( got to love that bubble style!) A few books that have come into my life as of recent that have loads of inspiration in them, Piece Book, Piece Book Reloaded and World Piece Book. There are people that Iv trades work with that are very inspiring as well. CACKY (hes from the UK) MR. P(chi town) FUSION 418 who Im in the process of working on work for and Im supper excited!! VOLT, from Japan, Jay Hazard from Cali, SREK dose really dope subway drawings! There are so many countless others! What makes them even more inspirational, is that not one stopped doing what they love! They've keep going no matter what and I look up to them for it!!

GS: How do you pick your locations?

KITY: At the moment its by walking down the street and if I see a sign its where the slap goes. Iv never done a piece, not even so much as a thro up. This is still on my 'To Do List'. 

GS: What tools do you use? Only spray paint?

KITY: Despite that I haven't worked on a surface for the world to see I do use a lot of spray paint. I do practice i my back yard, and i have a few pieces that are done with cans. Spray paint is a new medium for. I don't grasp the concept of spray paint the way I see it done in these elaborate pieces. I know theres different caps used and technics. Its still very fresh. I use a lot of markers and I love my acrylic paints! One of my first loves!! 


GS: Do you pre plan your murals, or make it up as you go along?

KITY: One of those things that are on my 'To Do List'. I think when it happens I will plan it out first. I hate when I do to draw something without mapping it out and I don't have enough room for something that I wanted to add, or it looks crapped up and any other issues like that.


GS: Would you like to share some tips and tricks?

KITY: Cotton balls make a really cool effect. Take your marker and ink the cotton and press it where you want it. It gives a cool 'bleed thru' effect. I like it. Cosmetic wedges work good too. Mixing gloss and matt spray paint gives really cool effects too. The paint is different consistency and it separated and when it drys you see these bubble designs and the effect of oil floating over water. 

GS: Have you collaborated with any artists recently? Who and what work came out of it?

KITY: The most recent was with Jay Hazard who is from Cali. He's an amazing artist and it was a pleasure to do work with him. I think we have so future plans to work on. Can't wait! The last collab was with empty spray cans. They turned out amazing!! I sent two to him with two characters, KITY, who is actually me and my guy who's name is DOC names by a good friend and an amazing writer named Adios. Anyways, he added his work to them and connected them and he;s turning into a lamp which is one of the coolest ideas Iv ever heard of! Love the creative mid!! A lot of my collabs are on adhesive art which is always a lot of fun and an accomplishment! I remember the first collab drawing on a slap I did. Pardon my french, I shit a brick!! The thought of doing my work next to someone else's work and have to send it back was challenging and nerve racking!! You don't want to mess something like that up. I'v been doing it for a while now its not to bad. 

GS: Any message to other artists?

KITY: Never EVER give up!!! Just ponder those days of crayons and coloring books. Remember how good it felt to fill up one of those bad boys. Remember how proud you when you colored all i the lies and and it was clean? That feeling never left for me. I still have that sensation when I do my work, and you can to if you just keep going!! There such a stress that is lift when you draw or what ever your cup of tea is. Drawing and writing have got me thru some of the worst of the worst. I like to incorporate some of those feelings into my work. For me to continue to heal and maybe it will help someone that sees it. If this is new for you, don't get discouraged. It takes time. It takes years of time, practice, and patience. ALWAYS say you can!! If you say you can't you won't. So stay positive!! Theres no wrong or write way to make art. Think outside the box! Learn your history. Its good to have a good knowledge of art. Find your heroes and study them. Read about them and you'll fid out that they had some hard times getting started. Do you think Edger Allan Poe came out writing tails of pain and horror? NO!! Or David Gilmour was born playing the guitar?? Nope!! Life experiences and confidence! Let the haters hate!! Use it as motivation because you can do anything you set your mind to!! SO SPRAY THAT PIECE!! WRITE THAT POEM!! PLAY THAT SONG!!

[Srek Zypher]

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