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 November 15, 2013.   0 Comment
Peter Ostrich, a name I do not know. It appears to be a pseudonym of one of the biggest names in the Dutch graffiti history; Ces53 . Member of notorious crews as the Rolling Steel Wheel Crusaders , InControl, Monsters Of Art and Clowns From Hell .

 He emails me that he agrees with my request for an interview on the condition that it will be completely anonymous and at a location yet to be named by him.On the agreed date I get during the day by an address where I shake hands with him in the evenings.

 He shows an animated storyteller. "I remember my grandmother always home -Edding markers had lying around, which I found very interesting and took to go mess. doing on the street, I must say that texts on the street were nothing new in the 80s. Before graffiti as we know it broke, were the punks fact already busy with their political slogans. Creating express yourself is something of all times and is independent of hip hop, as is now so often suggested. During the Roman city walls were even . filled with scratched messages, greetings or names Graffiti is therefore older than hip hop and in Style Wars (the documentary 198 3 , which the then graffiti scene in New York described, red) blood band passionately described as between those two true historical not seen. " Between 1985 and 1991 Ces53 was a 'head' , he says.

 Graffiti in the Netherlands grew in those years as cabbage and was a monstrous alliance with another emerging phenomenon: hiphop. They were rough times. Big fights during hip hop parties and concerts were the order of the day. Prior to a Public Enemy concert in the Jaap Eden hall in 1989, visitors flock of their tickets robbed . "Graffiti to me is a completely natural phenomenon in the early days we hunted prey and chased larger predators Us If you are on a.. yard state (yard where trains are parked and sprayed, red) is train your prey The railway police. In this case, the predator that hunts you - as an equally identical roles in prehistoric times and like when it goes sometimes wrong when you try to defend your territory then you must fight to survive "... that he is a survivor should be clear. Who has been around some thirty years in a very competitive world always raised when the graffiti scene has undeniably survival skills. Beefs between writers can be high, crews who fight each other's territory, literally and figuratively, suspicion against any traitors, the police is looking at you constantly, sometimes for years, you have to be able to. In fact, you live as a graffiti sprayer with some fame constantly in two worlds: that of everyday life where you go to school, work and friendships maintains with people who know nothing of your other hand, the bomber who night out exploring, alone or with a crew, to undertake rougher stuff. Ces53: "I see spraying on trains as a getaway, a way to stretch the legs, you know, the one going to the cinema, the other is a yard. on. The latter is cheaper and more exciting. " When asked what his reputation does to him, he replied: "I have become more critical. Recently I wanted to blow off an exhibition abroad, because I did not like the paintings that I made ​​good enough. A day before the opening I called the gallery owner to tell him that the work which he begged me not to paint or destroy. This is an example of how I look at my own work. " An entire generation of graffiti writers grew up with his pieces (graffiti-name meter high letters). As one of the first he went to Germany, where in cities like Munich he and Berlin many trains sprayed. "Especially Berlin was still virgin territory. Just after the fall of the wall there was a madhouse. Due to the huge economic disparity houses in East Berlin were dirt cheap. I remember the battles between gangs of Kreuzberg and neo-Nazis from Eastern. It was chaos on the streets.

 Through Neon, a fellow writer from Germany, I could live a few months in what I saw as a mecca for people like me. I have, and in Munich, many trains can spray. "The pictures of his improbable actions appeared irregularly appearing magazines likeBomber and Backspin . Internet was the early '90s are still born and so were pieces not online within 24 hours but it sometimes took months until you saw what someone had done. It made ​​the impact of great action all the more violent and Bomber to a bible for writers, as they call each other. With the rise of social media the spread of graffiti photos took off. That one wholecar (fully filled up side of a railway carriage) thousands of times passing by a few clicks - it was possible Although you might expect a writer takes advantage because of his work not only in his city but for the. world becomes visible, feel Ces53 not much for Facebook and similar sites. "If you have to beg for something to listen to or watch people it's all nothing. Quality sells itself. "A remarkable position in a highly commercialized society Companies make massive use of the hip, spirited image of graffiti in other words.. Ces53 is keeping it real, but to even use a worn term." The same applies to people who consider themselves to king crowns (the highest title attainable within the graffiti world). If you call king goes, you yourself do not. A true king does not deal with that kind of nonsense. " Where someone like Ces53 is so bad engaged:. studying other great masters He has studied example several years Vincent van Gogh Numerous books read about him, his techniques repainted. to analyze why Van Gogh did what he did "It's not work that I bring out;. it comes to learning. Sculpture I approach ditto. For grinding jade (a mineral, harder than steel) under the master I stayed several months in a traditional village in Guatemala. In Burma I learned bronze casting. The technology behind art is often difficult, so I think you do need to study before you can do anything. Contents thing for a few years Just as long've reached you can say to your point, I have mastered many techniques and materials, now I can do what I want. After that you only imagine what. " He continues his look at art after a brief pause. "Here begins the big problem for many people, that you distinguish yourself from the rest? Many artists and musicians pleasen people with their work, do what they want to hear. But really great artists take artistic risks, going into their mouths and stand up again. If I think a pink teddy bear is the new big thing in my art, I stand behind and not attract me of what others think about it.That principle. "Most people understand this prinicipes make him an autonomous spirit pure, although he has received. Classic The highest academic degree is primarily to choose your own path not to follow what others have already figured out for you , is his guide. To illustrate this principle: if we talk about a little later exploitation of workers and forms of modern slavery that still exist, he resolutely and takes a politically incorrect position "You always have a choice.. They still accept it yourself! If you do not want kutbaantje, you love than to to say fuck you, I'm outta here "Politically, he loves it equally clear ideas." I am my own dictator.. The political decision supposedly how you should organize your life, but I do not stick to the rules, so I did not bother. If you stick to everything they chew your The Hague, there will be nothing left of you. Let people like to feel scared. If you are afraid you agree with kutbaan. If you are free in life you do not do that ". If there's something in the work of Ces53:. funk His style is typical for an improvised, with no right angle discoveries Once the piece is. , it seems like music is translated into paint. What are experimentation and musicality brought about in a music studio can now be heard. In the song "Rolling," that he and producer Werner Urban made, integrates the design language that he typically uses well with the music and - of course - his love for graffiti. Urban: "A few years ago I was at a party in Utrecht. On stage a funk band was playing. The guitarist fell on me rather, it was a white painted clown. After inquiring what he appeared to be. Legendary graffiti writer Ces53 Via through when I came in contact with him and have him together to make for my label Boombox a track. Although we both have a wide taste in music, our roots are in funk and hip-hop. I sent him a set of g-funk track, the draft title was 'Rolling'. Ces53 found there interfaces with his street work and suggested a graffiti-oriented track of it. I thought that was applicable in a partnership with him. He sent me voice samples of the recently deceased New York graffiti greatness Iz the Wiz - that he wanted it - and he sent me guitar and bass layers, vocals and some sound effects. I have mixed with my own ideas. Musically, the track is a cat-and-mouse game between graffiti writers and authorities. "

The graffiti style Ces53, like his other work, strong organic. There is a 'human dimension' in coming back everywhere. "There is balance in my work. By studying classical masters I know the right proportions and only that far. District Another time I just made ​​from." "Music, sculpture or painting is in fact all the same." 

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