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 November 25, 2013.   0 Comment
We are very lucky to have a chance meeting a funny and amazing graffiti boy with the tag name is Babe.


GS: What is your tag name and why did you choose it?

BABE: because I am babe! 
GS: How and why did you get into Graffiti?
BABE: Because i wanted to belong to a group.. It was 1984 everybody was doing graffiti back then so I decided to also do it, just to be cool..
I bought myself some paint tools at the local Montana store and started to paint. We had everything, and if we wanted to know something we just looked it up on internet and copied it..
Yeah those were the days , now it is much harder you have to figure it all out yourself;)
GS: How would you describe your style?
BABE: Babe style, simple and complicated, some arrows here and there..maybe even a straight letter, Some say I invented the babe style and they are right I did.
GS: Where did you begin making art in the streets and how old were you?
BABE: I was 38 I was 1984 . I already had a mustache and a beard, 
it all began in africa, so I was told through a lot of hip hop ..
so there is where i started
GS: What crew(s) are you in?
and when I fly the KLM(crew prepare for landing) they are my homies I will always watch their backs and hate their food
GS: How did you develop such good technical painting and drawing skills? 
BABE: Just copying everybody, if you can't make it then fake a lot of the guys who are so up and popular nowadays..
copying each other on each technique and think they are cool…yeah man I am like that.
GS: what the most difficult thing in graffiti do you think? 
BABE: To suck the dick of a popular writer, it's really not as easy as it looks, you got to approach him the right way and only talk about who you write with..
Talk about yourself a lot and maybe if he likes you you can suck his dick paint with him and tell that to the next and suck him to..
its all in the game , but its hard…and when its hard, you know what to do
GS: What are some of the writers who have inspired you?
BABE: I really like dick "laan" , maybe because of his first name , but mostly because of his good stories..I was reading them always when I was a kid..he gave me my style..
GS: How do you pick your locations ?
BABE: First I scope them out for over a year..yeah you have to be very careful nowadays..then when the time is right and its dark..When there is nobody there and you are sure there will be nobody there the first 24 hours run , run like your life depends on it..put up a 5 minutes fat cap silver, and run again, now away from the spot you scoped out for a year and paired for 5 never come back..I mostly do this with the great spots we call HOF in the country were I live…Then brag about it to everybody ..
GS: What tools do you use ? Only spray paint?
BABE: Nope not only spray paint off course. I use all materials and if I run out of paint I finish with my own blood..I do everything to get the piece finished
GS: Do you pre plan your murals, or make it up as you go along?
BABE: Yeah I always pre plan everything..if you do things spontaneous its always crap..i mostly make a sketch that takes me around 5 days, then i put it aside look at it again after a week ..then spend another 2 days perfecting it. then go to my mates put it in the computer end design the wall. when we get to the wall we know exactly what to do and we do it..we are called the spontaneous rockers and not without a reason as you see
GS: Would you like to share some tips and tricks? 
BABE: Yeah go to internet , go to youtube, type in best tricks in graffiti.
GS: Any unforgettable story that you would like to share with us? 
BABE: I once tried to do a HOF..we sneak in and it was still half dark, we started to unpack our montana gold art cans with 65 different nozzles , put the magnets under the can so nobody would hear us shake them.We started but halfway through we saw a old lady entering the area aswell..we were panic, off course so we started to run to all directions I kicked one of my mates down so he was lying on the ground and I could get away hahaha..the old lady kicked his ass..(after that he wasn't my mate anymore , but who cares) I was hiding at the local snack bar for almost an hour when plantoenen dienst circled the area..I had to ask the coat of the snack bar owner to get away..pfff it all worked out that time , but it took me about 3 months to pick up the cans again and go to a HOF again…man the things you have to do to be up are unbelievable, I hope I can do this for 2 or 3 years more but then I think I have to change countries and go into hide out for some years just to make sure.
GS: Have you collaborated with any artists recently? 
Who and what work has come out of it?
BABE: No I always work alone.. I don't like people that much. I rather walk with my dog than talk to other people..And I smell bad so every time I work with somebody they tell me that I smell bad I don't like that and it hurts my feelings lol ..then I have to cross them and we fight…so working alone is my best option
GS: Any message to other artists?
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